Friday, August 26, 2011

Transparent Glass House Design Ideas, On The Outskirts Of Larissa, Greece

This is a transparent glass design of the house on the outskirts of Larissa, Greece, in this room a truly unique and unusual layout. The three-level house is located on the outskirts of Larissa, Greece, and this house designer Christina Zervò Architects. building consists of different levels to play a space witch. Configuring the multi-scale flight, which connects a series of activities and rest areas. most of the facade of the building as Weel as the interior space. high ceiling helps expand the scale to a maximum of elegance. lighting scheme as well planed empharizes scale and quality materials.

metal structure can be achieved, and gives the stairs is a sculptural quality to give him a starring role in the construction of more than their daily practice, building height and large windows allow natural eilings available power and remove the air from an enclosed space , or to improve the quality of the store, without offering an acceptable quality of indoor air. two glass facades give the feeling of closeness to the outside and green glass in combination with balcony. flight, such as staircases and high ceilings create the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing atmosphere and contribute ideas. Now, Glasshouse control the image below:


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