Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ansley Park Luxury Design By Glass House Bldgs Architects

Bldgs Architects design the glass house in a neighborhood of Ansley's historical center, surrounded by a canopy and a direct view over the rooftops of the city. The house is covered with a flat roof, surrounded by a fence made of glass and clerestory windows occupiable provide visibility diagonally to the skyscrapers of Midtown over and living spaces below.

The interior is organized as a series of split-level, each spiral around a new central staircase. The staircase is suspended from the adjacent structure and overhead costs, and superior rooms are cantilevered and suspended over the lower ones. The use of curtain wall glass as coating material establishing a seamless border between the house and its immediate context, provides a light and views, and on the bottom glass skyscrapers engage visible in the near future . This combination of offset and cantilevered interior is visible through a transparent outer skin, is to provide a residential experience that is both spatially and visually suspended in very close correlation.


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