Saturday, August 20, 2011

Barrow House - Modern House Design By Andrew Maynard Architects Wood

Barrow House is an architect Andrew Maynard is located in Australia, Barrow House of wood, a box scheme that rotate independently and will have varying amounts of compressible and manipulate the forces. Barrow House is a great thing, a unique look and exotic for the night, when all the lights come on. Read the explanation of this architect of the house below:
 The expansion brighter, more expresses the dynamic, many activities of the day, while the down key, more relaxed activities on the afternoon enjoying the sun on the western edge of the site reflects back on the court and a bar, watch the cutscene of irregular shadows play on the face of Barrows extension.

The large windows and folding doors agreement is accompanied by an orientation Barrows allows lots of natural light and ventilation to infiltrate the room, reducing the dependence of electrical and heating / cooling.

All design also uses recycled materials from the earlier parts of the house, as well as recycled and found items, reduce the carbon footprint of the design and add the space character.


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