Sunday, August 28, 2011

Modern House Design Plan

modern house is a modern house that is still on its environment by using environmentally friendly materials and finishes with low energy consumption. If you design a green home? This house is a sampling of favorite eco-House Gallery 333 of Wilton. 333 Wilton was designed by Davis Studio A + D, a nationally renowned Los Angeles-based architecture and design. Focus on modern design, the mission Davis Studio A + D is to create an inspired architecture that combines sustainable design, green technology and environmentally friendly materials while taking into account the specific environment of each site to improve the quality of life for each client.

 Just take a look at your interior design and floor plans to reduce space, this house uses two levels of design that maximizes the ground. Each floors are connected by a staircase, a living space that opens and deconstructed as a classic loft, yet refined and sophisticated like a home. The loft of each element of unity is manifested in the open floor plans and very high ceilings - ranging from 16 to 20 feet high - while the contemporary, but shows the hot side in their final detailed, innovative materials and modern accessories. Wilton 333 also has an option to live + work, each unit has a loft that can be used as a home office, work space, study, recreation area, or an additional bedroom. This building was also made to the system from within the chip design of a living room with kitchen.


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