Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glass House Design With Modern Touches Of Wooden Architecture In San Francisco

Knock on wood we can do, the home of modern magic mirror of the architectural plans. This house in San Francisco in the wood so attractive, with open doors and a modern interior, but the "home". The layer of the interior and exterior walls, natural wood paneling, rustic but elegant, but a fool. As the rustic wooden facade, inside the house in a rainbow of colors, including mahogany, copper, purple and blond adorned available. Stone floors to provide a good contrast with warm wood tones. Glass walls of natural light and building offers residents a fantastic view of the jungle. Designing the house was built in an open living room, it would be a sin not to be here! Section through the center of the deck house of fabulous road bridge in front of the house. It offers a view of the slopes, this area is an open access point, the rest of the house!


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