Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sustainable Solar Home Design Curved Back Wall Geometric Architecture

This modern house plans designed with the geometric concept of the solar house, use the sun as a heat source. This house made of both the inner and outer beauty of your home and passive solar architecture and sustainable. If you see the plans of the house, the center made huge field and tied a long curve similar to the rooms. Warp space that starts from the use of links coming into the space between the rooms and the dining room and living room with those in the rear. In the midst of the house maximizes unlike in passive cooling through cross ventilation. Orientation for passive solar energy for heating in winter natural, complete with blinds to avoid overheating in summer. No two-story staircase acts as a thermal chimney, naturally dissipate heat in the summer thanks to the chimney effect. The thermal mass provided by the reports of curved concrete walls. Integrated solar heating system hot water hydraulic concrete slab on the ground floor alone.

Pool used as a "sink" for excess heat generated by the solar system. Low voltage lighting systems save energy. Rainwater collected and stored in tanks and bore water for the garden. High thermal performance insulation and double glazing. Designed by architects zen.


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