Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earthship house

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This house made of tires, bottles and beer cans pop.
• It has two bedrooms, bathroom and a hallway greenhouse.
• have a system of recycling gray water.
• Having a reservoir buried in the soil that holds up to 6000 gallons of water.
• have the space to change the battery into household current.
• This house does not have equipment such as microwave or electric mixer.
• Having a well-insulated refrigerator that runs on 24-volt direct current.
You can call it an Earthship, which is owned by Scott Elder and Karla Lund and built by the garbage warrior with 12 people and several volunteers. is the latest prototype from earthship built by the Taos, NM and architect Michael Reynolds (the garbage warrior). This name was given to him in the documentary, which describes the approach to housing.
Adobe wall in the master bedroom, provides a good background also hides in closet, and interior walls made of adobe mud mixed with straw and glue. This house was built in just eight weeks, using the tires, pop cans and beer bottles, and united by Reynolds, crew and some volunteers "650 tires to make bricks bonded steel" empty soda. pop cans and beer bottles cemented together, which is then covered with adobe mud to form the interior walls of homes that are environmentally friendly.
Earthship house wallpaper


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